Integrating ethics and values in education.
Promoting professional ethics and human values.
Developing pedagogical or andragocal approaches suitable for teaching ethics and values to facilitate creation of literature.
To facilitate creation of literature.
To integrate ethics, values and morals in the conduct behavior of people.


This website invites experiences of individuals, groups and institutions on promoting ethics and values including experiments.
Universities, Colleges, Schools and Religious organizations are invited as a valuable partner in this pursuit of promoting ethics, values and morals.
Individuals and groups are also invited for networking with us to promote professional ethics in Human Values .
Corporates promoting value based management are also welcome to share their experience and to network with the Pacific University for getting continous counsil and advice with customized solutions to integrate values in day to day working.


Ethic, values & morals in ancient Indian Literature.
Thinkers on ethics,values and morals.
Experiments & Experiences on promoting ethics and values.
Spiritualism and Ethics.